A Boring Baez?

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During Sunday night’s ESPN broadcast Alex Rodriguez stated that Javier Baez should be more boring. An easy statement for A-Rod to make, a man who retired with a career batting average of .295 and 696 home runs who late in his career retired before the season ended in 2016. I imagine the most exciting things in his life these days are J-Lo’s wardrobe changes. This is not to say Rodriguez is a bad guy, or was a bad ball player- but there was never a fire from him we see with Baez. Imagine a full lit up A-rod? Imagine him playing like a little leaguer who was excited to be there, for love of the game? He wouldn’t be 4thin the ranking of all-time home runs…

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Javier Baez IS the best of baseball. He is everything exciting about the sport and I believe one of the best possible ambassadors to bring our favorite sport to the youth. There is no one I’d rather watch by excited, or turn a routine double play into must-watch TV. Javier Baez pumps up the Cubs in a way that statistics cannot reflect. If Draft King’s allowed for style points, we’d all be millionaires from putting Javy in our lineups every night. He is exciting to watch, he makes his team better, he is fun and the team as a whole plays better when they are having fun. The Cubs know when it is time to get down to business, but the Cubs of recent history perform best when they are enjoying each other and the game to its fullest.

Little leaguers need someone to admire, we’ve seen nearly every year in recent memory complaints about baseball being too slow, too boring- the league has even made absurd rule changes in an attempt to combat this “problem” the solution is not more rules- the solution is MORE JAVY. Send this man on a little league world tour with the likes of Mike Trout and we’ll have thousands of kids falling in love with baseball.

Yesterday, I was watching ‘The Sandlot’- when Benny “the jet” Rodriguez steals home as a Los Angeles Dodger in the final moments of the film, I get chills every time. Chills because of the friendship, because of the story, but mostly because of Benny’s uncompromising love of baseball. Raising kids like Benny the jet should be the goal of little leagues around the world- how will we get them? By being more like Javy and less like A-Rod.

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